• Data File Types: Download your data in native SPSS, Excel, Tab Delimited, or Comma Separated Values file formats.
  • Data Analysis: Create highly-customized reports for each survey including statistics for each question (mean, standard-deviation, median, mode, max/min), bar and pie charts, and filtering by questions and answers. Reports can be downloaded as a PDF and/or shared via permanent unique link using FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  • Data Exclusion: Easily exclude (or restore) participant survey and registrant data from your dataset prior to download.
  • Meets IRB standards: PsychData is designed to meet IRB research standards. (View more information.)
  • 100% SSL Encryption: PsychData always provides end-to-end encryption of all account data and your web presence is shielded from prying eyes evening when surfing from public wi-fi hot spots. Likewise, all participant survey data is similarly encrypted. Rest assured that your surveys and participant data are treated with the absolute maximum protection possible.
  • International Languages: Publish surveys and collect data in 600+ languages, including: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Lithuanian, Lugandan, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English, etc.
  • Mobile Ready (iPad, iPhone, Android): Mobile-optimized display of surveys for tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy) and mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • My Surveys: Manage multiple surveys, settings, and data from one intuitive location.
  • Survey Editor: Create your survey in minutes from home or office.
  • Rich Text Editor, Page Breaks, Respondent ID, Images and more: Customize your survey to fit your needs.
  • Spell Checker and Thesaurus: Rich Text Editor includes an integrated spell checker and thesaurus.
  • Secure Survey Environment: Encrypted SSL data transfer and proactive validation helps to minimize participant errors and ensure confidentiality.
  • Save and Return Surveys: Allows your participants to save their progress in your survey and return later to finish.
  • Time Limits: Set a time-limit for your survey. When the time runs out, all responses are stored and the participant is advanced to the end of the survey.
  • Timing Stats: Keep track of how long each participant takes to complete your survey. Includes active time for all surveys and total elapsed time for Save and Return surveys.
  • Question Logic: Specify what questions your participants see and where they go in your survey.
  • Skip Logic: It's simple but powerful, especially when combined with our other advanced features. Insert it at the point where you want all participants to skip to a new location.
  • Direct Survey Linking: Seamlessly link one survey to another. (This enables to researchers to separate identifying information from research data.)
  • Random Survey Assignment (between surveys): Seamlessly and randomly send your participant to one of several surveys.
  • Random Stimulus Assignment (within a survey): Randomly present 1 of X stimuli to your participant and record which stimuli was presented.
  • Capture Custom Querystring Values: Easily capture and record custom querystring data that you embed in the hyperlinks you send to participants.
  • Required Questions: You have the flexibility to require completion of the data you most need.
  • Password-Protected Survey Access: Limit access to your survey with a password that you choose.
  • End of Survey - Standard Conclusion Page or Custom URL Redirect: Specify exactly what text your participants see when your survey closes or redirect to another URL of your choice.
  • Linking ID: Easily link a participant's data between linked surveys.
  • Survey Title: Set the survey title to display on the first page, all pages, or no pages.
  • Question Numbers: Select whether to display or hide question numbers.
  • Progress Bar: Display a visual progress bar with options to show pages and/or percent of survey completed.
  • Survey Recruitment: At the conclusion of your survey, you may enable your participants to invite another person to take one of your surveys.
  • Multiple Question Formats: Multiple choice, matrix, free response, random stimulus assignment, poles, long essay, constant sum, rank order, and more.
  • Multiple-Page Surveys: Separate your informed consent or debriefing pages from the rest of your survey.
  • Copy A Survey: Instantly create an exact duplicate of any survey within your account.
  • Variable Names: Question text can be included or excluded as the first row in your data file.
  • Zero Analytics Tracking: Zero analytic tracking of surveys to ensure participant privacy.
  • IP Addresses: Included or excluded from your data file at your discretion. We also offer a "Do Not Collect IP Addresses" option for additional participant privacy.
  • Data Access: Download data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Department Contract Management: Easy tools for adding/removing members of your departmental contract.
  • No spam. No third-party advertisements. Period.

IRB Standards

PsychData is designed to meet IRB research standards for ethical research and the protection of participant confidentiality. Our Security Statement provides additional in-depth information.
Some key features that our surveys include are:

  • Text for informed consent statements or debriefing information (and any other text) can be presented separately from research questions using a page break. Survey instructions and questions can then be designed to indicate informed consent for participation.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology - all survey data is encrypted during transmission from the survey to the password protected database.
  • Secure Survey Environment - protects the confidentiality of participants and minimizes participant errors.

For additional information, please read: Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Tips


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