Library: Security Statement


PsychData provides superior online research services to the social science community. A critical component of this goal is ensuring the security of each researcher's data. PsychData is specifically designed to meet and exceed industry standards for Internet security as well as IRB standards for the protection of research participants. Our servers, database, and web presence employ multiple forms of enterprise-level security features to accomplish these goals. Interested parties will find the details of our security statement below. We actively foster an open dialogue with interested parties in order to continuously improve our services.

Server Infrastructure

Our servers are housed in a secure data facility and are monitored 24 hours-per-day and 7 days-per-week by network operations personnel for all aspects of operational security. Biometric/intrusion sensors, card readers, personal identification numbers, and environmental sensors are used to ensure server integrity and safety. Redundant HVAC systems ensure an optimized operational environment. Server power is provided by a redundant, multi-stage, uninterruptible system. Even in the event of a catastrophic commercial power failure, diesel generators seamlessly provide backup power. A redundant, high-bandwidth, private transport network provides connectivity between our servers and the world. The local fiber connectivity is redundant with three fiber rings with dual entry points from Optical Carrier-12 (OC-12) hardware. This network has demonstrated 99.999% availability, which means that the network will be down no more than 5 minutes in one year.

Enterprise-Level Database Architecture

PsychData utilizes a robust, centralized, and enterprise-level SQL Server database that is easily capable of handling millions of records and large numbers of concurrent users. All database transactions utilize TSQL stored procedures for increased database security and efficiency. In addition, our database has been carefully constructed to achieve architecture efficiency and conforms to the Second Normal Form (2NF).

Server Operating System

PsychData is powered by the most current version of Microsoft Windows Server. We are professionally administered, closely monitored at all times, and always updated with the latest security patches.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256-bit Encryption

PsychData utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption technology to ensure protection of all data transactions on our website. Data is encrypted at the instant that a user submits it and can only be decoded by the target server. PsychData maintains an SSL certificate from DigiCert, the industry leader in SSL technology.


PsychData has been carefully designed to provide superior online research services to the social science community in a secure setting. The security of our systems and our member's data is our top priority. If you have a question or concern about the safety of online research, we encourage you to contact us to find out more.


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