Library: Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 6, 2003

Personal Information

PsychData does not—and will not—sell or share personal information provided by our members.

PsychData uses contact information to communicate with members about services they have purchased and to provide important information to members if necessary. Members may opt-in or opt-out of a monthly newsletter from PsychData by editing their personal information. The institutions of our members may be listed, in aggregate and without reference to any member, on the website. PsychData reserves the right to perform statistical analyses of website usage by collecting and analyzing visitor IP addresses in aggregate.

Passwords are assigned, changed, and retrieved through the email address provided by the member. It is the member's responsibility to actively protect their email address and password to ensure the security of their account.

Survey Data Collected by PsychData Members

Data collected by member surveys are the property of the individual member. Questions regarding the handling of such data should be directed to the survey owner. Unique computer addresses (IP addresses) may be collected from participants when they submit survey responses. Once submitted, data is password protected and can only be downloaded by the account owner. Members are solely responsible for data once downloaded. Members may delete data they collect at their sole discretion. Member surveys and data are deleted at the termination of services.

If you believe that a PsychData member is conducting research in an unethical or illegal manner, please notify us at [email protected]