I am absolutely amazed with the quality of your service. Thank you so much for such a prompt response. ... I am so excited! ... Once again thank you for such a superb service—the best of the best!

Alge Suliakaite
Doctoral Candidate, Family Therapy
Texas Woman's University

I love PsychData—this is the best service ever. Thanks for your quick reply and your help!

Diana Moore, M.A.
Graduate Student
Alliant International University

Our experience with PsychData has far exceeded even my early-on optimism about how online research could benefit our professional training. In just two short years we have literally changed the culture of doctoral research in the Department. It has moved from an experiment for the adventurous to a routine expectation.

Joseph W. Ciarrocchi, Ph.D.
Professor & Chairperson, Graduate Programs in Pastoral Counseling
Loyola College in Maryland

After evaluating more than 40 different options for survey software, we decided to adopt PsychData for University wide use. PsychData has been an absolutely amazing service! It's easy, cost effective, efficient, and produces better response rates with less hassle—and not just for me, but for the faculty and staff of the University. PsychData offers exceptional customer service, and the faculty rave about the ease of using PsychData for conducting their research. For the first time, my assistant finished creating a survey with a smile on her face and is happy she doesn't have to deal with a paper-and-pencil survey ever again. We would definitely recommend PsychData to anyone, professional or student, who is conducting Internet based research.

Rene Paulson, Ph.D.
Texas Woman's University

In my university research career spanning 30 years, my students and I have conducted well over 150 paper-and-pencil surveys. With PsychData, the process is considerably less time-consuming, less paper-wasting, more accurate, and very user-friendly (for researchers and participants alike). Integrating my research on PsychData into our departmental "research participation pool" has been easy and ethically approved. Customer service is excellent, amazingly personal and professional. Data downloading and importing into statistical software is a piece of cake. The possibilities are infinite. A paper-and-pencil survey? Never again."

Thomas F. Cash, Ph.D.
University Professor, Department of Psychology
Old Dominion University

Thank you so much for your quick response. I have been so impressed with the customer service I have received. Keep up the good work! I will definitely recommend this site to my colleagues.

Amy O'Donnell
Graduate Student, Counseling Psychology
Central Washington University

I was completely satisfied with PsychData. I received excellent and attentive customer service, I was able to easily create a survey and manage my account, and I could view or download data into statistical analysis software with a few clicks of the mouse—an enormous timesaver. I would not hesitate to do another research project with PsychData.

John Adix, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
Minnesota School of Professional Psychology
at Argosy University - Twin Cities

Throughout my graduate education, I have turned to PsychData for my research needs and have recommended the service repeatedly to other students. PsychData is user-friendly and easy to navigate even for inexperienced researchers, but it truly sets itself apart with an extraordinarily high level of customer care. The first time I set up a research project, Dr. Locke discovered a problem with my survey design, contacted me, personally walked me through the solution, and offered a direct line for additional consultation! This was truly above and beyond the call for any service of this kind. When it was time to begin my dissertation research, I did not look any further than PsychData. When I did experience a technical issue, it was addressed with incredible conscientiousness and patience. This personalized care has made me completely confident that PsychData is the best online research tool available for social science research. I expect to continue to use it throughout my career as a psychologist.

Brielle Stark-Adler
Doctoral student, Counseling Psychology
Fordham University

PsychData has demystified the data collection process for me. I used this service to collect data for my dissertation study, which I anticipated to be the most grueling and stressful part of my research project. It turned out to be rewarding and incredibly efficient! I was able to reach my target sample number within just TWO days. PsychData also provides incredibly personal and professional customer service, which went above and beyond what I expected when I posed questions and concerns about my surveys and data. This has been a rewarding and positive experience—from attaining Human Subjects Approval to attaining twice as many participants as I had expected—I am incredibly grateful for the support and services of PsychData.

Allison Lau, M.S.
Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology
University of Oregon

PsychData has significantly improved my ability to conduct human subjects research. After using PsychData for only a few months, I doubt I'll ever use paper-and-pencil surveys again. Testing our college students is simple, and elegant, and the ease with which data are collected is amazing. Although the service does cost a bit of money, it is actually much MORE cost-effective to pay for PsychData than administering paper-and-pencil survey, since we do not have to pay for photocopying costs, nor for the manpower to enter or check data. Other members of my department were so persuaded by the service, that we have purchased a site license for PsychData.

Jon Elhai, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
The University of South Dakota

PsychData has been an extremely efficient service and I have been very impressed. I am especially grateful for the quick and very informative responses to my queries, they never failed! A fantastic service which I would definitely use it again. It has saved me a lot of time and effort. I also thought that the presentation of the surveys was good—I did compare with other services and felt that PsychData was the most clearly presented and easy to use.

Jo Kilgour, BA Psychology Undergraduate
University of Exeter, UK

As I worked on completing my dissertation and doctoral program, I decided to use an online service to collect my data. After looking at several survey companies, I found PsychData.com to be the most user friendly, easy to edit, appealing to the eye, cost effective, and they provided exemplary technical support. Thanks PsychData.com, you are a great company to work with and if I ever need to administer another survey I will definitely be back.

Bonnie A. Thoms, CPFS, CHD, M.S.
Doctoral Candidate in Leadership
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

PsychData is an excellent resource for conducting on-line research. Creating my survey was easy and getting through the IRB was a breeze. Moreover, I was able to collect responses from hundreds of participants in a short period of time and have immediate access to my data. The best part was that no data coding was necessary—PsychData did it for me! I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to conduct an internet study. I'll definitely be back!

Justin J. Lehmiller, M.S.
Social Psychology Doctoral Student
Purdue University

I've been totally satisfied with PsychData services. I've been so pleased with the high level of responsiveness to my questions. I love the ease of use in setting up the survey and in purchasing additional services. I'd use the service again in an instant.

Sharon Clayman
Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology

PsychData is an exceptional product complete with excellent support and IRB security conducive to quality research. Many of my survey respondents internationally stated the survey was easy to access and complete. In addition, the security features and anonymity of the PsychData site served as an important feature for many of my survey respondents.

J. Scillitoe
Doctoral Candidate
Rutgers University

The response rate to my online survey was double what I expected. I also found the administrative support to be extremely helpful in answering any questions. I will be using PsychData again for my next online survey.

Dr. Brian J. Dew
Assistant Professor
Georgia State University

I am so glad that I chose to use PsychData. It greatly helped me get my data quickly. Participants responded very well to filling out questionnaires online, which surprised me at first. This saved in cost for postage, and allowed me to conduct my national study a lot easier. Thanks!

Debbie Seagull, M.A.
Adelphi University

PsychData was a wonderful experience for someone who is not familiar with conducting research or setting up a survey on the internet. Everyone was very helpful and prompt in responding to questions and concerns I had. I would definitely recommend PsychData to friends and colleagues and plan to use it again for my dissertation! Thanks!

Jean Poland McCusker, M.A.
Ed.D. Student

PsychData was easy to use and relatively inexpensive. I like the fact that there are separate fees for questions, hosting time, and participants—it is much more cost effective. I also like the fact that you can create as many surveys as you wish.

Dr. Jennifer Ann Morrow
Old Dominion University

I would recommend using PsychData for any online data collection. It is really easy to complete your survey and monitor your data. It also was not time consuming at all to create a survey, which is particularly important for busy graduate students. I would use the service again and definitely recommend it to others!

Melissa McGhee, M.A.
Doctoral Student
The University of Memphis

I highly recommend PsychData! General and technical support staff go way beyond the call of duty to ensure complete satisfaction. Long before I actually began collecting data, I received tremendous help in responding to concerns from my university's IRB, and in modifying my research design to be able to use the online software. As well, the company was extremely responsive to the specialized needs of my complicated study. The online experience appeared to be user-friendly for my participants, and my 24-hour access to the data and survey editing made tracking their progress a breeze. I'm grateful to PsychData for this excellent product and their absolutely first-rate customer service!

Debbie Klingender
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
George Mason University

I was extremely pleased with the service and staff of PsychData. My time frame for setting up and running my dissertation study online was quite narrow. PsychData could not have been more competent, professional, efficient, and supportive during the entire process. A unique strength of this company, which was important to me, is their unfailing accessibility by email or phone. Thanks to PsychData, I was thrilled to get a huge number of responses the first day my survey was launched, and my total number of participants was far more than I had thought possible. I highly recommend PsychData to anyone, student or professional, who wants to conduct both high quality and stress-free online research.

Judith L. Huber, Ph.D.
Counseling and Health Education
College of Saint Benedict

It is hard to overstate how outstanding PsychData services are for survey research. From a dollars and cents perspective, money is saved in terms of postage, envelopes, copying costs, and follow up mailings. From a time perspective, you have zero data entry, therefore saving huge amounts of time as well as avoiding data entry errors and costs. From a coordination perspective, it is so much easier to provide a URL to participants and allow them to complete the survey in private at a time of their choosing rather than to give it to a large group of people or schedule a bunch of small administrations—all of which are a bad use of the researcher's time. Given all of these factors, the great support from PsychData, the ease of managing and constructing my survey (I was actually able to post a 200 item survey in less than 2 hours and I had zero experience with putting together web materials previously), I think it is a no-brainer about using PsychData and know I look forward to doing all of my future surveys with this great service.

James R. Mahalik, Ph.D.
Boston College

PsychData is an excellent service for social science researchers. Their tools made it very easy for me to create a great looking online survey and to manage my data. I appreciated the clarity of their instructions and documentation, and their sensitivity to the special needs of social science researchers (including IRB and security concerns). From the beginning, my inquiries were answered in a warm and helpful manner. Data collection has been easy and flawless and many of my respondents have commented favorably on their experience in taking the online survey. PsychData's services are reasonably priced and I feel that they are a good value for what you get.

Nelson Binggeli, M.S.
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student
Georgia State University

I definitely enjoyed my first foray into internet research. The set-up was quick and easy and the costs were very reasonable. I would definitely use PsychData again.

Meredith Bledsoe, Graduate Student
Boston College

I had such a great experience using PsychData and would recommend it to anyone conducting online research. The site was incredibly user friendly and it only took a few hours to post my entire study! The support staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and continuously available to address all of my questions. The commitment to customer satisfaction was excellent! Thanks to PsychData, collecting data for my dissertation was stress free and even enjoyable!

Audrey Ervin, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
University of Memphis

Wonderful service. I would highly recommend PsychData to anyone looking to collect data via the Internet.

Nicole Noffsinger-Frazier, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
University of Memphis

My experience with PsychData has been excellent. Not knowing much about computers, I found the format very easy to negotiate, and any questions or problems that I did have were answered in a timely manner. I am very impressed with the professionalism of the PsychData staff, and I would recommend this service to anyone who might be considering online data collection.

J. McClure, M.A.
CAC Doctoral Candidate
Argosy University/Phoenix

The Reading Recovery center, at TWU, conducted a study on student outcomes this Fall. We needed to collect data online and attempted to work with [name removed]. We received a quote of $13,000 to design a data collection website. Because this was not in our budget, I figured out a way to use PsychData for free via our Departmental Contract to accomplish similar goals. Having PsychData helped us complete a project and saved our project an immense amount of money. Thanks!

Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.
Texas Woman's University

PsychData has been fantastic. The service they provide is extremely user-friendly and reliable. With their help, I have been able to set up and run a web-based survey with minimal hassle. Their customer service is also very professional, with great attention to the needs of individual customers.

S.O., Illinois

As a doctoral student collecting data for my dissertation, PsychData has been a fantastic resource. I was able to get my survey online quickly and easily and it has helped me reach participants that I might not have ordinarily. The staff at PsychData are available, responsive, highly professional, and incredibly dedicated to providing the best service out there. I was really worried about the data collection phase of my dissertation, but PsychData has enabled me to actually enjoy the process. The people and services at PsychData receive my highest recommendation.

Suzanne Slattery, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
Boston College

Developing my survey on PsychData (i.e., taking my information from MS Word and transferring it to the Survey Editor) was very easy—easier than I ever thought considering that I had attempted to develop my own website and went to other companies for help. However, the other companies out there do not seem to appreciate the challenges graduate students or faculty deal with when confronted with IRB regulations and guidelines. Customer support seemed very knowledgeable about the entire process from the technical to the logistical issues common to research institutions. Although I have a good working knowledge of computer software, I do not think you need to be very sophisticated in your experience or knowledge to be able to use their system.

Graduate students and faculty ought to know more about PsychData and the power and ease of collecting information via the Internet. The cost of copies, finding participants, and entering data can be overwhelming and unnecessarily belabor the research process. Using the Internet to collect data and announce research requires some time and energy, but nothing like what I experienced using the traditional methods. I imagine educators, researchers, students, laypeople, and professionals interested in conducting important research should consider online surveys with PsychData because you will save time and energy that cannot be replaced or recompensed and ultimately is wasted on logistical issues. The money spent will be money well spent. As a good old Cajun cook on PBS used to say, "I ga' ron tee it!"

Be well and thanks for your help.

Kevin Prince, Ed.S.
Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology
University of Georgia at Athens

Using PsychData has enabled me to work more efficiently on my dissertation. Because my research targets a specific community, that is typically difficult to reach, I needed a way to make data collection accessible and easy for my participants. PsychData has made it possible for me to reach participants whom I could not have been able to contact through other means. Online data collection not only has helped me get the number of participants I needed in a fast and effective manner, but it has also helped provide a voice to individuals who may not have been able to express themselves in my research project without online services. I am grateful for the important service PsychData provided. They have always responded promptly to my questions, and have treated my work with respect and professionalism at all times.

Sara Kimmel, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
Boston College

This was a very easy and manageable method for me to complete my project! I received an "A" on the project and an "A" in the class! Everyone was very helpful and responsive with any questions I had. It was very easy to build my survey and download the data as I needed it. I look forward to using PsychData for any future projects! Thanks!

Melinda Anderson
Southern California University for Professional Studies

In past years, collecting data was one of my "dreaded jobs". There are several surveys that our Internship Program sends out annually. Up to this current year, it had been done the old fashioned way—photocopied questionnaires, with penciled-in answers coming back to us via the U.S. Mail (if they were returned to us at all). We came to expect only a handful of replies, but this year using PsychData, I was astonished at the increased number of prompt replies. The process went smoothly and quickly and the number of replies increased at least 3-fold.

Shelly Clark
Assistant to the Training Director
Predoctoral Internship Program
University of New Hampshire
Counseling Center

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