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We understand that you have a choice in online research and we would like to help you make an informed choice. Here are some thoughts to consider when comparing PsychData to other "survey" companies.


PsychData is dedicated to the social science research community, a mission that is clearly reflected in our name. Other "survey" companies cater to the business and marketing communities while ignoring priorities such as meeting IRB requirements, protecting participant privacy and confidentiality, and providing superior support. If these priorities matter to you, then your choice is clear.

Data Integrity

For PsychData customers, data quality could make the difference between graduating or not, publishing or perishing, getting tenure or searching for a job, or securing a critical grant.

With these stakes in mind, we have painstakingly engineered all data-related processes (survey environment, survey editing, and data handling) to protect the integrity of your data. Other survey companies allow for "loose" survey editing and survey completion, which can result in the loss or corruption of data. If your data is critical to you, then your choice is clear.


PsychData surveys are secured using state of the art technologies to protect your participant's confidentiality and privacy. This type of feature is simply not a priority for other companies, whose less-secure technology (cookies, caching, and non-encrypted surveys) may actually put your participant's privacy at risk. Security is a critical concern for IRBs and web-based researchers. Read our security statement.


PsychData provides the features our customers ask for, IRBs require, and the social science community needs. Examples include Randomized Stimulus Assignment, Question Logic, Skip Logic, Survey Linking (Direct or Random), and much more. View our features.


When you have a question, even a tough one that takes time, we are here. PsychData provides high quality, free, same-day research support from a Ph.D. level researcher. We have gained many frustrated, dissatisfied, and unsupported customers from other companies with other priorities.


PsychData delivers exceptional value to discerning customers via superior-products, service, and support. Those seeking the "cheapest" product will find other options. However, we urge you to remember that the cheapest option will usually cost you more in the end.

Companies who sell survey products based only on cost are cutting corners, corners that matter to social science researchers. With PsychData, you will find that our features are designed for you, customer support is right there when you need it, and critical issues like security and data integrity will not become unexpected costs.

In A Nutshell

If you are looking to conduct your research online, be it a brief survey or a complex study, PsychData provides the most professional solution. Work less, produce more, and feel confident that PsychData is powering your online research for you. Create an account and try us out, for free, today.


"Other members of my department were so persuaded by the service, that we have purchased a site license for PsychData."

—Jon Elhai, Ph.D.,
   Assistant Professor of Psychology,
   The University of South Dakota

"PsychData has demystified the data collection process for me. I was able to reach my target sample number within just TWO days."

—Allison Lau, M.S.,
   Doctoral Candidate,
   Counseling Psychology,
   University of Oregon