Library: Using Video in Surveys


PsychData supports the use of embedded video within surveys or video download via a simple hyperlink. The video can easily be combined with advanced features such as Random Stimulus Assignment. Researchers wishing to use videos have two options:

Embedded Video

This method allows for seamless video playback directly within your survey without requiring participants to download a file. Just upload your video to a web-service that provides embedded video streaming. Examples include and Once you have uploaded the video, the service will provide you with the HTML code to embed your video in another web page. Follow these steps to embed the video in your survey:

  1. Just look for the word, "Embed" at your video service and copy the HTML code provided.
  2. Go to the desired point in your survey and click on "Add Question or Text" and then select "Rich Text Editor".
  3. Click on "Source" so that you can view the raw HTML contained in the editor. Paste in the HTML code copied from your video service and click on Submit.
  4. The video preview should be immediately available in the Survey Editor.

Please view this sample survey to see the above video embedded within a survey.

Link to a Video File

This method is recommended when participant computers use a predictable software configuration or are administered by the researcher (i.e., a computer lab). All you need to do is host your video file on a server and then link to the video within your survey. When a participant clicks on the video link, they will be prompted to download the file to their computer according to the software configuration on their computer. Depending on the computer's software, the video may open immediately for playback or the participant may be prompted to save the video to their computer. This is a simple and easy method to use video within a survey, but is dependent on both hardware/software configurations and Internet connection speed. PsychData can host videos for an additional fee.


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